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Submitted on
December 5, 2008
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Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License.
I'm flattered but the emotion is getting to me.
You speak, but I can no longer listen
To anything you're saying—between crossed fingers
and eyes gazing down. I don't believe you.

I'm sorry but the pain is becoming too much.
Now we are something bigger than the two of us,
Holding on to the instability while trying to stand--
Partaking in what can only be insanity.

Stop there. You're getting too close.
You know it's not fair. Suddenly I'm slipping,
With your arms conveniently open,
Whispering to me if I get too scared.

In the darkness, I see your eyes.
Constantly looming—always watching.
Each step has to be carefully laid
For traps have been set near the places I stand.

Please go. You've outlived your welcome in my forgiveness.
Basking in a worn out tenderness--
It was never yours to begin with.
May your next words be “Goodbye” or I don't want to hear it.

Excuses. Again, I am hearing.
Tired of leaning on what little hope I manage
To grow. Leave now. Your presence is slowly
draining. I feel my life slipping away...

These uncharted waters are no longer a mystery;
But I don't know my way back to shore.
Don't cry—though I drown in your darkness,
I feed off your pain.

Please don't. You're acting wide eyed and innocent.
Like the blame falls on my shoulders.
You were the lamb, and I? No longer the dove.
You don't realize the damage you have caused.

But still, I'm moved by your antics,
Intrigued by your motions—just give me a moment,
to think of a new way of swimming,
To make me somehow interesting again.

And still, I'm tugged by your current;
Caught in your mind games—losing sense
Completely. And you smile because it was so easy,
So young and naïve...

I'm slowly dying by the pour of fascination.
In the spotlight, I melt instead of shine.
I must admit, this was all somehow invoking,
A tad bit exciting, but it must end.

Somehow, I was strong at the beginning
But now I am fading—in your presence,
I can't fight. No longer is it worth it,
Basically, I listened to "Uninvited" by Alanis Morissette over and over again.
And didn't think....

And this is what happened. ^^;

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Enjoyed. I love the journey, and the not so obvious patterns and complimentary rhymes that occur all the way through.

Your work always manages to just roll off of the tongue. I love it when both the messages and emotions presented in the poem work with the 'technical' rhymes and patterns of the work. Just adds that much more to the experience. :)
Liberty-Virtue-Life Dec 19, 2008  Hobbyist Writer
Wow.. that was amazing
-blushes deeply- wow....thank you. ^^;
wow...i really loved this. good job!
Wow, thank you. ^^
For the comment and fave! fweeee!
songs can give me some of the greatest inspiration, i have a certain connection with Alanis Morisette and Avril Lavigne

this a strong product of that song, i can relate
-nods- I feel that connection too.
Lots of inspiration just flows from their words...
It's incredible...
I didn't see this immediately. Sorry for my delayed response.

Oh, ah. This is something else, certainly. Not sure if I want to read it deeply, right away! *shivers*

I'll give it a better look after I return from shopping tonight.
Hehe Sorry for my delayed reply! eeep...

Meh, it's not that bad. Just the wrong mind frame mixed with the right music...
This. o.o
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